Gallery Update: Party Down

The gallery was updated with promotional pictures and screen captures from two seasons of Party Down.

With this update, is over our gallery move – the old gallery was deleted already.

Gallery Update: TV Projects

Our gallery moving is almost done. Today I have moved basically all already capped TV projects (but Party Down) from our old gallery to the new one, sorted a little bit removing blurry/extra pics, and added some “Related” promo stills our site didn’t have before.

Gallery Update: Public Appearances

I’ve updated the gallery with almost 2500 HQ pictures of all events I could find Lizzy attended between 2003 and 2014. Some pictures our old gallery didn’t have, and those it did I replaced with HQ size. Check it:

Gallery Update: Photoshoots

Some new photoshoots has been added, and also a few MQ/tagged ones was replaced with better quality images.

Gallery Update: “Frankie Go Boom”

I have updated the gallery with promotional images, posters and HD screencaptures of 2012 film Frankie Go Boom, starred by Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Nora Dunn and more. Credits for the screen captures goes to Carol (thank you!!).

Gallery Update: “Smallville”

Back in 2001 Lizzy did a guest appearance on Smallville as Tina Greer, the metahuman shapeshifting that wanted to be Lana Lang best friend. She returned on second season for the closing arc, and now thanks to my friend Haylie from we have high quality screen captures of both episodes.

Gallery: “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Save the Date”

Two more films added in our gallery, I recapped “My Best Friend’s Girl” and now we have screencaptures of “Save the Date”. Also new promos has been added:

Gallery Update: Magazine Scans

Our previous gallery didn’t have magazine scans, so for now I have a few ones added from my own collection. I know its missing a lot and also its a work in progress – we’re accepting donations, if you have some we don’t in our gallery, send me an email.

Gallery Update: “Bachelorette”

Screencaptures, posters and promotional images of 2012 hit Bachelorette can now be found in our new gallery.

Gallery Update: Film Productions

I’ve transferred from the old gallery some screen captures, and also added promotional images and posters as well into each album. Still working on sorting or recapping some of the missing films, but for now, check those: