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Gallery Update: Photoshoots

First of all, hello! My name is Lilac and I will be your webmaster here for now on. Chanel had to step back from the site and I’m assuming it. To be honest, I took ownership back in December but was so close of the holidays season that I didn’t made much with the site until today.

As you was informed by Chanel back in August, she started to redo the gallery and I’m continuing what she started. Today I’ve moved all Photoshoots session, and while doing it I replaced some pictures and added a load more we didn’t have. Also the portraits and photoshoots now are sorted through years. Click on the thumbnails below to be redirected:

There’s a LOT more to do but bare with me while I finish, it won’t take longer.

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Gallery Update: September Events

Added a few pictures of Lizzy at various events this month. Sorry for the lack of update, hopefully work will get better soon.

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New Events Pictures + New Owner

Hello all, my name is Chanel and I’m the new owner of this site, I also own Julianna Margulies Fan and some others. I was doing my own Lizzy site but had the opportunity to adopt this one. I would like to thanks Jasmine for it:) I’m in the process of redoing the gallery so we now have 2 galleries until I finish, will upload all new stuff in the new gallery and move files from the old one when I can.

To start I have added pictures of Lizzy from various events last night. Isn’t she gorgeous? Thanks to Claudia & Gabby for their donations.