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Press: Masters of Sex – Experience the Show’s Climax when ‘The Complete Series’ Comes to DVD and Blu-ray Disc!

Masters of Sex the complete series box set is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on August 8, 2018. You can pre-order your Blu-ray or DVD set on Amazon now!

William Masters and Virginia Johnson are known as pioneers of the science of human sexuality. Their research shoots them to fame on a trajectory that takes them from humble beginnings in the Midwest to the cover of Time magazine.

Masters (Michael Sheen) is a brilliant scientist who is out of touch with his own feelings. Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) is a divorced mother who is ahead of her time on many fronts, including her determination to have a meaningful career. The pair’s relationship isn’t just professional, as it evolves into a three-way “marriage” with Masters’ wife, Libby (Caitlin FitzGerald).

“Masters of Sex” is based on Thomas Maier’s book of the same name, which profiled the pair. First time at retail as a COMPLETE SERIES! Originally aired on SHOWTIME (2013-16). Emmy-winning series (Allison Janney – Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series). Received 11 additional nominations throughout its 4-year fun.

Popular guest stars include Annaleigh Ashford, Beau Bridges, Julianne Nicholson, Teddy Sears, Camryn Manheim, Rich Sommer, Barry Watson, Tate Donovan, Barry Bostwick, Betty Gilpin, Peri Gilpin, Greg Grunberg, Josh Charles, Sterling K. Brown, Judy Greer, Mae Whitman, Sara Silverman, Rose McIver, Ann Dowd, Betsy Brandt, Niecy Nash, Emily Kinney, and more!

After Showtime aired the series for 4 seasons beginning in 2013, the studio (along with Paramount) released the first two seasons on DVD and Blu-ray back in 2014 and 2015. The remaining two seasons have never come out on disc, but now Mill Creek Entertainment is correcting that oversight!

Masters of Sex – The Complete Series brings you all four seasons of the cable TV masterpiece on DVD ($54.98 SRP) and high-def Blu-ray ($69.98 SRP) this August 7th. Both versions are going to be 8-disc sets, filled with each episode in all of their (naked) glory.

Special features are still to-be-determined, so stay tuned for updates about extras that might be included. Below we’ve got an pre-order button link, followed by the package art (may still be subject to change). This was an incredibly well-done show, touching on many themes that were taboo in their time (and some of which are still touchy subjects today). Highly recommended!

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SXSW 2012: Lizzy Caplan Steals ‘frankie go boom’

Not that you needed further proof that 2012 was going to be the year of Lizzy Caplan, but the actress steals her scenes in “frankie go boom” with the fervor of someone trying to become your next favorite indie queen. She manages to lift what could have been a rote comedy of sibling rivalry and escalating embarrassment into something heartfelt and human.

“frankie go boom” (title intentionally lowercase), which had its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival on Saturday night, is one of those movies you’ll stumble upon at 1 a.m. on Showtime and wonder how director Jordan Roberts managed to get everyone you love into the same movie. There’s Caplan as Lassie, the female lead, Charlie Hunnam (“Sons of Anarchy”) as the titular Frankie, Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids”) as his ne’er-do-well brother, Bruce, and Chris Noth and Ron Perlman — as a manic Hollywood star and a transgender ex-con, respectively. Toss in supporting turns from Whitney Cummings, Nora Dunn and Sam Anderson (Bernard from “Lost”!), as well as a brief cameo from Adam Pally (“Happy Endings”) and “frankie go boom” is almost always enjoyable, if only because of the cast’s considerable charm and chemistry.

If it doesn’t amount to much else, that’s because the story is somewhat disjointed: it revolves around a missing sex tape, Bruce’s desire to become a director, and Frankie’s push to overcome his biggest fears. Where the film shines is in the little moments between Lassie and Frankie, two damaged souls who become bound together by the various forms of humiliation, both big and small, they experience throughout the film.

“I wanted to make a comedy about a second chance in love, a second chance at whatever thing you got slapped down in. I was fascinated by humiliation, and by overcoming humiliation,” Roberts, making his directorial debut with “frankie go boom,” said during the post-screening Q&A. “I love comedies that are grounded in the real world; it’s a broad comedy but we really wanted to make it feel emotionally real.”

Good thing he cast Caplan, then, who is tasked with handling a lot of that emotion. Best known for her role on “Party Down” (and for playing Janis Ian in “Mean Girls”; suck on that!), Caplan made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival in January for her performances in “Bachelorette” and “Save the Date.” (Vulture called her a contender for Sundance “It-Girl.”) In “frankie,” she takes what could be another variation on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl — Lassie literally runs into Frankie while drunkenly riding her bike one night — and makes her into someone three-dimensional. There’s a scene at the end of the first act, where Lassie — through tears — must explain why she’s biking-while-intoxicated; it’s both heartbreaking and hilarious, and Caplan nails the tonal subtleties with ease.

“What Lizzy does in the backseat of that car, in that early scene, is so extraordinary to me,” Roberts said. “She threw herself in, 100 percent.”

Judging from her recent run of choices and performances, that seems par for Caplan’s course.


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2012 PaleyFest: Jake Johnson talks Lizzy Caplan & New Girl

At 2012 PaleyFest on Monday, Jake talks about the chances of Lizzy returning on New Girl:

Tuesday’s episode of New Girl finds Nick (Jake Johnson) upside down in a gynecologist’s stirrups.

It’s a little unusual but hardly the least-dignified position the series has found the under-employed, perpetually heartbroken and incredibly anxious character this season.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the show’s PaleyFest event, Johnson says a back injury forces Nick to the only doctor who will see him for free. It just happens to be a lady doctor.

“Nick’s in a little bit of trouble,” he says of the law school dropout. “I think his only hope is that he thinks of himself as a little bit of an inventor. Hopefully one of those inventions hits. Otherwise, he’s got no backup plan.”

And employment isn’t Nick’s only worry. Recently being dumped by Julia (guest Lizzy Caplan) sent him into yet another emotional tailspin, something he swears he doesn’t exaggerate.

“It’s pretty scripted,” he says, laughing. “It’ll say ‘Nick breaks down, falls to his knees.'”

As for Caplan, four episodes is likely all fans will see from the Party Down alum who recently nabbed a co-starring role on Showtime’s Masters of Sex.

“It sucks, she’s so good,” Johnson says of her speedy departure, adding she won’t likely be back.

“I doubt it — especially be cause she just got on a Showtime show,” he says. “It’s really unfortunate, because I think she’s so good to act with. But you never know. I know that Justin Long might be coming back, and we didn’t think he would.”


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Showtime pilot ‘Masters of Sex’ begins filming in Brooklyn

Masters Of Sex has begun filming in New York:

As pilot season heats up, another new show, once called Wizards of Sex, is filming in Brooklyn this week.

The Showtime pilot, now called Masters of Sex, stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as 1960s sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Caitlin Fitzgerald will appear in the show as Masters’ wife, Libby, while Beau Bridges will play university chancellor Barton Scully (Masters’ boss) and Margo Martindale will guest star as his secretary Miss Horchow.

The show will be filming around E 27th St and Campus Rd/ Glenwood Rd, Brooklyn on Tuesday, March 6. It sounds like they are probably filming at Brooklyn College. There are also signs for Masters of Sex posted around Prospect Park Southwest & Windsor Pl in Brooklyn.