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New Design

I just put up a new design for the site. I hope you all like it as much as I do. I have lots of updates headed your way soon!

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Grand Re-Opening!

Welcome to the grand re-opening of Lizzy Caplan Web. I’ve updated the photo gallery with thousands of new photos, and I have even more content planned for the future. Thank you to the previous owners Luciana, Chanel, and Jasmine for making this site what it is. I can’t wait to continue to build and grow.

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And we’re back!

Hello! Due issues beyond our control our hosting service closed its doors earlier today, so the site went offline for a little bit. We managed to find a new place for it, and now the site is successfully moved.

We’re a little behind on Masters of Sex updates, but everything will be updated as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks Gertie and the amazing for being our host for so long! We’ll miss you!

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New Layout

Thanks to Jess for designing the new theme for the site! So, there is finally an actual layout over there! I hope to have more previous gallery updates on Lizzy sometime soon!

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Site Update

Lizzy Caplan Web is now officially hosted on!

Not everything is back up and running in the gallery just yet. The site needs more space right now. Everything will be working properly then but everything should be viewable right now except for a bunch of Party Down Season 1 screencaps. So stay tune! I will have lots more updates to come later!

Also you can visit the site at too!

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Welcome To Lizzy Caplan Web

Welcome to Lizzy Caplan Web. Your new source for everything on Lizzy Caplan! I have added all latest news of Lizzy from this year onto the site. So make sure to look through the pages. Latest pics of Lizzy and other gallery updates will be added once the site is officially hosted on Thanks to my friend Mel for temporary hosting the site in the meantime. Make sure to follow the site twitter @LizzyCaplanWeb