Gallery Update: “Bachelorette”

Screencaptures, posters and promotional images of 2012 hit Bachelorette can now be found in our new gallery.

Gallery Update: Film Productions

I’ve transferred from the old gallery some screen captures, and also added promotional images and posters as well into each album. Still working on sorting or recapping some of the missing films, but for now, check those:

“Masters of Sex” Season 2 Captures Pt2

And here’s the final batch of Masters of Sex season 2 screen captures.

“The Sidekick” Gets Digital Release

Star-studded short The Sidekick will debut on iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo-On-Demand beginning February 3. The comedy will also make its streaming debut on Hulu in March, Variety is reporting.

The project, which stars Rob Benedict and Lizzy Caplan, centers around 40-year-old professional sidekick Max McCabe (Benedict), now past his prime and forced out of the fast-paced superhero world. When he is abruptly fired by his boss, the epic Captain Wonder (Ron Livingston), and replaced by a younger, quicker right-hand man, Kid Loco (Jason Ritter), Max has no choice but to somehow find a place for himself in the civilian world. With the help of his newfound friend (Caplan), Max finds the courage to re-evaluate his life and find a new purpose. Jordan Peele, Martin Starr, Sam McMurray, Ike Barinholtz, Josh Meyers, Laura Silverman and Fred Stoller round out the cast.

The short, written by Benedict and directed by Michael J. Weithorn (“The King of Queens,” “Weird Loners”), made its world premiere at Comic-Con in 2013 before embarking upon a nationwide festival run.

Watch the trailer:

Gallery Update: “Cloverfield”

The gallery was updated with promotional stills, behind the scenes and dvd screen captures of JJ Abrams’ Cloverfield.

“Masters of Sex” Season 2 Captures Pt1

The first batch of screencaptures from Masters of Sex season two has been uploaded to the gallery. Second (and final) batch coming next.

Gallery Update: “Mean Girls”

Our gallery was updated with promotional images, posters, behind-the-scenes and screen captures of 2004 hit Mean Girls.

Gallery Update: “Masters of Sex” Season 2

Our previous gallery was missing the entire second season of Masters of Sex, and while I don’t update all screen captures, check our gallery for promotional pictures and episodic promos. Many thanks to Claudia for helping us – again – with the HQ promos.

Gallery Update: “Masters of Sex” Season 1

Our new gallery is now updated with all Master of Sex S1 screencaptures. You will notice a severe downgrade in pictures numbers, but its because was remade and all non-related Lizzy captures, and the blurred ones, was removed.

Keep checking our site, I’m working hard behind the scenes to get everything transferred and in the best quality as possible.

Gallery Update: True Blood

I decided not to transfer our old pictures, but to recap in high quality the True Blood episodes Lizzy appeared on. She had a guest arc on the series first season as Amy Burley and you can now find screen captures plus high quality episodic stills added: