20 November 2015

The gallery was updated with the pretty session Lizzy did to Untitled Magazine, on their Girl Power issue. The issue is out now, and you can find the print issue on their store. As soon the digital issue is available, we’ll get it scanned.

20 November 2015

As you can see, Lizzy Caplan Web is back. I decided for several reasons a month ago to delete it, and keep only supporting Lizzy career as a fan. But since the site went offline I received tens of emails asking to bring it back, because it’s the only source dedicated to her. So, here we are.

Before deleting the site I forgot to save the databases, so some posts made are gone. But the gallery is as complete as it was before, and updates are resuming now.

It was nice to see the site had visitors and you guys missed it. I just wish you had all this conversation (through comments, etc) before. 😉

Enjoy it!

30 August 2015

The August issue of italian Vanity Fair featured Masters of Sex, and scans are now added to the gallery, thanks to Annie from Emily Blunt Fans.

30 August 2015

Last week Lizzy stopped by to ‘Sleeping with Other People’ screening in New York. The film is directed by Leslye Headland, which directed her on Bachelorette, and is starred by her friend Alison Brie that worked with her in Save the Date. They were also joined by Kirsten Dunst, and you can find pictures added in our gallery.

30 August 2015

The gallery was updated with some gorgeous portraits Lizzy did with Masters of Sex cast during Summer TCA earlier this month.

30 August 2015

Promotional images of tonight’s episode of Masters of Sex has been added to our gallery. Plus a new pretty promotional shoot picture is also added.

29 August 2015

Lizzy is gracing the September cover of Ladygunn magazine, in which she talks about her perfect day, not having social media, and of course, Masters of Sex.

It also features a beautiful new photoshoot, that you can find in our gallery:

On what would be a perfect day:

My perfect day would be sleeping in for a disgusting amount of time. I’m talking 12 hours, with joy. I would get up very late. I would probably eat a lot of food. It would be like gorging myself on very unhealthy, gross things and laying around and either watching really shitty TV or really good movies in bed. Then getting up, taking a shower and going out to dinner with friends. Pretty much sitting on my ass and stuffing my face! That would be my dream day.

On people in the industry that inspires her:

Debra Winger. I’m obsessed with all that she does. She sort of looks like my mom, so that made me love her even more. I remember watching her movies and knowing how famous she was, and seeing her way, her method of acting was so…I don’t know how to describe it accurately. It feels like a very realistic portrayal of how a person would talk rather than an incredible actress. She just seemed so natural in everything she did, just so believable.

On social media:

Because I don’t do social networking, I feel like there’s a hole in my ability to answer stuff like that. It seems like most of the people I become friends with and work with get the first impression that I’m probably a lot tougher than I actually am.

You can read the full interview at Ladygunn website.

29 August 2015

Our gallery was updated with some replacements/additional photos from photoshoots Lizzy has been made last year. Check it:

26 August 2015

The gallery was updated with screen captures of latest Masters of Sex episode.

18 August 2015

High quality of next Masters of Sex episode are now added into our gallery.