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Save The Date Sundance Schedule

If you are planning on attending Sundance, check out the synopsis and the schedule for Lizzy’s upcoming film, Save The Date:

Sarah finds herself caught in an intense postbreakup rebound with new infatuation Jonathan after tragically breaking the heart of rocker Kevin. Always one to give Sarah life advice is her sister Beth, who is diligently planning her upcoming wedding to apprehensive fiancé Andrew. Both sisters fumble through the bumpy emotional landscape of modern-day relationships, forced to relearn how to love and be loved.

Filmmaker Michael Mohan returns to the Sundance Film Festival—he made his feature debut with One Too Many Mornings in NEXT in 2010. From a screenplay he wrote with famed graphic novelist Jeffrey Brown and cowriter Egan Reich, this bittersweet story about the trials of maturing love carefully balances intimate moments of pain and happiness. Delicately captured by cinematographer Elisha Christian, with standout lead performances by Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie, Save the Date charms anyone lost in his or her own state of love.

Time Date Event Code Venue City
2:30 pm 1/22/2012 SAVET22LA Library Center Theatre Park City
11:30 am 1/24/2012 SAVET24LD Library Center Theatre Park City
9:30 pm 1/25/2012 SAVET25GN Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center Salt Lake City
12:15 pm 1/27/2012 SAVET27CD Eccles Theatre Park City
3:00 pm 1/28/2012 SAVET28EA Egyptian Theatre Park City